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“Urban agriculture is the ideal sustainable development intervention because it requires a complete understanding of the food, water, energy, and waste nexus.”



Agritecture's Sustainability Goals

Looking towards 2025, Agritecture has made the following commitments to sustainability:


As the leading blog in CEA, we pledge to use our voice to amplify sustainability through both positive storytelling and honest constructive criticism.



As the first CEA farm planning software, we have a responsibility to help our users not only understand the economic differences between their farm business options, but also the environmental and social differences. 



As a leading consulting firm for the CEA sector, we have a unique responsibility to arm our clients with a sustainability assessment to help them understand their impact and continue their journey to be more sustainable in the future. 

Our Activities

Our Activities

We believe that offsetting our negative impacts from travel is the primary way we can behave more sustainably. It ensures that we pay for the carbon emissions we produce and discourages air travel overall.

We believe that sustainability is a continuous process, and we actively strive to be part of the solution. As part of this mission, we try to be as transparent as possible about how effectively we’re meeting our sustainability commitments. Read more in our 2021 Impact Report. 

Our CEA Sustainability
Communications Guidelines

Drawing on insights from the 2021 Global CEA Census which gathered sustainability data from 300+ businesses, this brief guide will help you more effectively interpret and communicate about sustainability-related claims in the CEA industry.

Our 2021 Global CEA Census

The 3rd annual CEA Census, produced by Agritecture & WayBeyond, spotlights greenwashing, future production, and sustainability metrics.

Agritecture's Impact Projects

Below is a sampling of past impact-focused projects with cities, non-profits, and equity-driven entrepreneurs. We look forward to working on more in the future.
Sky Vegetables

Sky Vegetables

A rooftop greenhouse providing to underserved communities. Agritecture provided support services to increase yield, including: crop pest management, and human resource management.

Location: Bronx, NYC, USA

Services Rendered: Support / Recruiting

City of Atlanta’s Mayor Office of Resilience

City of Atlanta’s Mayor Office of Resilience

Agritecture advised the City of Atlanta’s Urban Agriculture Director on advancing and accelerating the City of Atlanta’s urban agriculture strategy. Through this advisement, Agritecture has produced The AgLanta Conference, engaging the City’s residents, fostering community involvement, and highlighting the economic opportunities for companies to work in Atlanta, GA.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Services Rendered: Local Food System Planning

Farms Not Arms

Farms Not Arms

Farms Not Arms has designed a multi-agricultural farm that combines regenerative agriculture with an adaptive low-tech hydroponic system that aims to bring together the host community and refugees.

Location: Lebanon

Services Rendered: Feasibility, Farm Design

La ferme Urbaine Okoumé

La ferme Urbaine Okoumé

Claudia Ondo, the founder of La ferme Urbaine Okoumé, wanted help developing a hydroponic urban farm in Libreville, Gabon. She had just received a grant from the World Bank and was in the process of refining her business model. Agritecture guided Claudia on equipment selection, the bill of materials for the farm, and management planning. The model is to grow fresh, local lettuces and herbs that are not available in that same quality to restaurants, hotels, and public markets.

Location: Libreville, Gabon

Services Rendered: Equipment selection, bill of materials, management planning guidance, Ongoing Advising

Focus Points Family Resource Center

Focus Points Family Resource Center

Agritecture is working with Focus Points Family Resource Center, a group that facilitates a paid “earn-while-you-learn” program for immigrant families in their community in Denver, Colorado. The program is called Huerta Urbana and its mission is to support healthy growth, earning, and learning. In short, these families get paid to learn how to build their own farming business.

Location: Denver, Colorado

Services Provided: Education & Workshop services

GoldenEye Luxury Resort

GoldenEye Luxury Resort

While sustainability has always been part of Chris Blackwell's philosophy, the GoldenEye Luxury Resort sought out consulting services from Agritecture in order to integrate sustainability into the core of their operations.

Location: Oracabessa, Jamaica

Services Provided: Education & Workshops services, Sustainability Assessment & Long-Term Planning services

Our Community Initiatives

For the past several years, Agritecture has been committed to advising and providing support to four organizations that are making great strides in urban agriculture and AgTech.

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