Square Roots Urban Growers
Square Roots Urban Growers

Square Roots is an urban farm and accelerator platform empowering entrepreneurs with vertical farming shipping containers. Agritecture provided advice on training program development.

Location: Brooklyn, NYC, USA

Services Rendered: Feasibility / Recruiting

Sky Vegetables

A rooftop greenhouse providing to underserved communities. Agritecture provided support services to increase yield, including: crop pest management, and human resource management.

Location: Bronx, NYC, USA
Services Rendered: Support / Recruiting

Farm One

Farm.One is an indoor vertical farm in Manhattan using hydroponic technology to grow rare culinary herbs for New York City’s finest restaurant chefs.

Location: New York City, USA

Services Rendered: Farm Design / Feasibility / Recruiting / Support

Dream Harvest

Dream Harvest is a vertical farm growing leafy greens for retailers in the Greater Houston Area. Dream Harvest include Whole Foods Market, Kroger, and Sweetgreen. The farm is carbon negative and is powered by 100% Texas wind energy.

Location: Houston, Texas

Services Rendered: Farm Operations Assessment & Recommendations / Feasibility Study

Urban Oasis

Sweden’s first commercial vertical farm grows leafy greens for retail purposes. Agritecture proposed a custom design for Urban Oasis’s unique location in a parking garage and assisted with installation.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Services Rendered: Farm Design / Support


NXTLVL Farms is a CEA operator in the Philippines that grows leafy greens and mushrooms for restaurants, retailers and consumers. With their container farm technology, NXTLVL Farms is able to provide a consistent supply of fresh produce to their customers.

Location: Manila, Philippines

Services Rendered: Farm Design (CAD), HVAC Design, Farm Layout, Concept Report


Montel creates high-density mobile storage systems that provide cost-efficient storage solutions using less space. After almost 100 years in the storage system industry, Montel hired Agritecture to develop a strategic marketing and product plan to enter the rapidly growing CEA industry.

Services Rendered: Content & Marketing Services, Business Development Strategy


Sukna, in partnership with Agritecture, has established the brand Mishkat in order to develop a self-sustaining market for local modern agriculture by empowering entrepreneurs and the next generation of farmers through technical training, strategic networks, and business planning.

Location: Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Services Rendered: Farm Design, Economic Feasibility Study, and Partnerships


https://www.basf.com/us/en.html is the world's largest producer of chemicals and related products. Agritecture worked with BASF’s Advanced Materials & Systems Research team to provide in-depth market research regarding the gaps and opportunities in local and regional agricultural production for three target cities.

Services Rendered: Industry & Market Research

Cornell University

Cornell has the leading agriculture programs in the United States. In an effort to strengthen existing and future urban farmers in New York State, Cornell and Agritecture applied for a research grant to develop a database of farms, define the needs of new farmers, establish and share best practices.

Services Rendered: Industry & Market Research

Smart City

A Smart City project in Toronto, Canada wanted to include options for urban agriculture in its planning strategy. Agritecture conducted market research on the local food system, designed 11 different smart urban agriculture solutions and proposed planning strategies for the project.

Services Rendered: Local Food System Planning

City of Atlanta’s Mayor Office of Resilience

Agritecture advised the City of Atlanta’s Urban Agriculture Director on advancing and accelerating the City of Atlanta’s urban agriculture strategy. Through this advisement, Agritecture has produced The AgLanta Conference, engaging the City’s residents, fostering community involvement, and highlighting the economic opportunities for companies to work in Atlanta, GA.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Services Rendered: Local Food System Planning

North Port High School

North Port High School is a high school in Sarasota, Florida looking to produce 50% of its food locally. Agritecture developed a plan to make this possible.

Location: Sarasota, Florida

Services Rendered: Farm Design / Feasibility

Henry Street Settlement

Henry Street Settlement is one of NYC's oldest community settlements. Agritecture evaluated design and provided yield estimates including energy and labor costs.

Location: NYC

Services Rendered: Farm Design


A large global manufacturing business looking to encourage healthy and sustainable living. Agritecture designed multiple components of a Green Campus for one of their locations in China.

Services Rendered: Farm Design

Phillips Programs

Phillips Programs is a nonprofit that serves the needs of individuals with emotional and behavioral problems through education and support. Agritecture developed a teaching plan centered around hydroponic vertical farming.

Services Rendered: Farm Design / Support

CDSC Food Bank

The Child Development Support Corporation is nonprofit organization operating an emergency food pantry in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Agritecture improved their farm operation.

Location: Brooklyn, NYC, USA

Services Rendered: Support

True Garden

True Garden is an urban farm in Arizona. Agritecture provided support with their current design, proposed system improvements, and provided operations training.

Location: Pheonix, Arizona

Services Rendered: Support

Real Estate Developer

This company wanted to develop Mexico City’s first commercial vertical farm. Agritecture provided a comprehensive feasibility study for a viable farm that considered the local market and the latest technologies achieving a healthy ROI. Our proposal included a unique mall kiosk activation strategy (pictured here).

Services Rendered: Feasibility

Strauss Group

Strauss Group is an international corporation with a portfolio of over 50 brands in the food and beverage industry.

Agritecture provided a feasibility study to determine the yields, costs, and timeline for a R&D greenhouse for cocoa production.

Location: Israel

Services Rendered: Farm Design / Feasibility / Economic Analysis


https://www.cefla.com/en/ is an Italian multi-business corporation; two of their business units include Plant/Building Engineering Design and Lighting. Agritecture provided a custom in-person workshop around the complexities and varied models of controlled environment agriculture.

Services rendered: Education & Workshops services

Aurify Brands

Aurify Brands builds, owns and operates networks of fast casual restaurants. Agritecture worked to determine whether or not it was viable for Aurify to grow the vegetables they used for their own restaurants. We determined the crop list, the costs involved, and potential sites they could start their operation.

Location: NYC

Services Rendered: Industry & Market Research, Business Evaluation/Economic Model, Crop Matrix, Assessment of Potential Site Locations, Concept Development Report

Industrial Organic

Industrial Organic is an organic waste up-cycling company that derives organic chemicals from food waste. With over 20 different products in development, Industrial Organic engaged with Agritecture Consulting to explore different ways to reduce their effluent processing costs by producing new agricultural products that recycle nutrients within a new system.

Location: New Jersey

Services Rendered: Industry & Market Research, Nutrient Profile Analysis

Farms Not Arms

Farms Not Arms has designed a multi-agricultural farm that combines regenerative agriculture with an adaptive low-tech hydroponic system that aims to bring together the host community and refugees.

Location: Lebanon

Services Rendered: Feasibility, Farm Design

La ferme Urbaine Okoumé
La ferme Urbaine Okoumé

Claudia Ondo, the founder of La ferme Urbaine Okoumé, wanted help developing a hydroponic urban farm in Libreville, Gabon. She had just received a grant from the World Bank and was in the process of refining her business model. Agritecture guided Claudia on equipment selection, the bill of materials for the farm, and management planning. The model is to grow fresh, local lettuces and herbs that are not available in that same quality to restaurants, hotels, and public markets.

Location: Libreville, Gabon

Services Rendered: Equipment selection, bill of materials, management planning guidance, Ongoing Advising

Crimson Capital / USAID

The Improving Energy and Resource Efficiency in Greenhouse Cultivation in Kosovo program is a USAID-funded, 13-month long project that will research and bring to light improvements in technologies for greenhouse cultivation in Kosovo and how to finance them in two primary areas: (1) Renewable Energy Technologies; and (2) Hydroponics; in a format that is accessible, practical and usable for Kosovo’s greenhouse operators.

Location: Kosovo

Services Provided: Industry & Market Research, Field Reporting, Operations Analysis


IKEA engaged Agritecture for work in formulating a list of potential partners as technology providers or system operators as it seeks to diversify the sourcing of salad products served at IKEA locations. Agritecture assisted IKEA by performing market research on leading CEA companies and system offerings and guiding the IKEA team on which industry offerings most effectively meet their needs.

Location: Malmo, Sweden

Services Rendered: Education & Workshop Services, Research & Analysis, Market Mapping

Urban Crop Solutions

Agritecture supported the launch of Urban Crop Solutions’ Module-X Vertical Farming System. Through organization of a live webinar hosted by Agritecture founder Henry Gordon-Smith and marketing promotions across multiple channels, Agritecture drove 400+ registrants and multiple qualified leads to UCS. Agritecture followed this up with a sponsored post promoting the recorded webinar and providing additional context as to how UCS’ new solution was built with the vertical farming entrepreneur’s journey in mind.

Location: Belgium

Services Rendered: Content & Marketing Services


Agritecture supported the planning, production, and promotion of Priva’s Sustainable Urban Delta documentary through a combination of video participation, connections to local NYC farms, and launch promotions on Agritecture’s social media.

Location: New York, NY

Services Rendered: Content & Marketing Services


Arco/Murray is a full-service design-build general contractor, performing work across North America in a variety of sectors, with a niche focus in Controlled Environments Agriculture

Services Rendered: Education & Workshop services

Focus Points Family Resource Center

Agritecture is working with Focus Points Family Resource Center, a group that facilitates a paid “earn-while-you-learn” program for immigrant families in their community in Denver, Colorado. The program is called Huerta Urbana and its mission is to support healthy growth, earning, and learning. In short, these families get paid to learn how to build their own farming business.

Location: Denver, Colorado

Services Provided: Education & Workshop services

GoldenEye Luxury Resort

While sustainability has always been part of Chris Blackwell's philosophy, the GoldenEye Luxury Resort sought out consulting services from Agritecture in order to integrate sustainability into the core of their operations.

Location: Oracabessa, Jamaica

Services Provided: Education & Workshops services, Sustainability Assessment & Long-Term Planning services