Client Profiles

As part of our mission to accelerate climate-resilient agriculture strategies, we support all types of clients with creating a more food-secure planet.


Our step-by-step methodology guides our entrepreneur clients through market research, crop selection, site selection guidance, farm design, and economic modeling, to help them plan successful farms.

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We speak with many investors who are intrigued by the market and impact potential of CEA but relatively new to the field. They seek our guidance for data-driven research, industry reports, and due diligence.

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The field is crowded. A leading investor has tracked more than 1,300 companies providing equipment or technology to the sector. Agritecture can help you position your brand or product for growth.

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Agritecture advises cities, national governments, and economic development groups on how to integrate agriculture effectively and sustainably within their broader food & sustainability strategies.

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Large corporations we speak with are often excited by the market and impact potential but unsure how to best enter the field. Whatever your reason is, Agritecture is here to help you better understand the market, quantify opportunities, and make introductions where relevant.

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Agriculture and architecture have been intertwined since the dawn of human settlement. But in recent history, we’ve lost that connection. ‘Agritecture’ is about bringing it back through smart planning and data-driven solutions.

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This is not an exhaustive list. We’ve also had the pleasure of working with Schools & Non-Profits, Real Estate Developers, and members of the Food and Beverage Industry, amongst other client profiles.