Local Food System Planning

Successful urban agriculture is about much more than individual farms. It requires a thriving, collaborative local food system: chefs, consumers, farmers, and government officials, all working together to support continued development and expansion across the entire value chain. Successful models should be highlighted, and struggling operators must be connected with the tools and resources to thrive. 

Agritecture advises cities, governments, economic development groups, and real estate developers on how to integrate agriculture effectively into their city policy and programming. These comprehensive planning and stakeholder engagement services are based upon Agritecture's unique Scenario Analysis methodology, which considers hundreds of viable urban agriculture models and applies them to the local built environment to achieve specific food security and resilience goals. 

Many cities share similar challenges of increasing urbanization, decreasing arable land, distant supply chains, and persistent wealth inequality. By convening and galvanizing stakeholders, Agritecture is able to integrate global best practices for urban agriculture while respecting and leveraging the unique local context of each city. While each city represents unique obstacles and opportunities, our multidisciplinary, human-centered consultants have always been able to improve strategic collaboration, knowledge sharing, and access to critical resources for producers and consumers wherever we’ve been retained.


Strategic Planning

The most successful cities leading the local food movement set clear goals regarding food access and urban resilience while connecting these to their overarching sustainability goals. Agritecture can advise on goal setting, strategic planning, and stakeholder involvement for any city interested in local agriculture.

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Scenario Analysis

Scenario Analysis is a process of analyzing possible future events by considering alternative outcomes.  Agritecture is the only urban agriculture consulting firm using its own unique scenario analysis methodology to help cities plan more resilient local food systems. 


Workshops + Events

Local agriculture involves many stakeholders that need to be engaged in a specific and thoughtful way. As experienced event producers, Agritecture organizes customized workshops, events, and roundtables to activate and accelerate urban agriculture in your city.

Who You'll Be Working With:

The Agritecture team collectively has 58 years of urban agricultural experience, holds professional degrees from top agriculture and sustainability programs including Wageningen University, University of Arizona CEAC, Columbia University Sustainability Mgmt, and Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. 


Jeffrey Landau, Director of Business Development

Jeffrey works with our partner network of equipment and financing providers to create a direct pathway for Agritecture clients and users to accelerate their project development timeline and increase their likelihood of success.

Expertise: business development, partner relations, workforce development

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Brakeley Bryant, Sustainability & Markets Consultant

Brakeley Bryant is a sustainability analyst specializing in sustainable food systems and innovation at Agritecture. She holds an MSc in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development from Lund University and a BS in Business Administration from Boston University.

Expertise: sustainable food systems, innovation, market research

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Christian Kanlian, Food Systems Consultant

Christian assists clients with the technical and supply chain aspects of their operations, bringing expertise in horticulture, plant genetics, and alternative food distribution models to Agritecture.

Expertise: sustainable field agriculture, molecular biology, regional food supply chains