Urban agriculture is about more than individual farms: it's about fostering a thriving and resilient local food system. Agritecture advises cities, governments, and real estate developers on how to integrate agriculture effectively. These macro planning services are based upon Agritecture's unique Scenario Analysis methodology which takes hundreds of viable urban agriculture models and applies them to the built environment over time to achieve specific food security and resilience goals.


Strategic Planning

The most successful cities leading the local food movement set clear goals regarding food access and urban resilience while connecting these to their overarching sustainability goals. Agritecture can advise on goal setting, strategic planning and stakeholder involvement for any city interested in local agriculture.


Scenario Analysis
Scenario Analysis is a process of analyzing possible future events by considering alternative outcomes. Agritecture is the only urban agriculture consulting firm using their own unique scenario analysis methodology to help cities plan more resilient local food systems.


Activation Events

Local agriculture involves many stakeholders that need to be engaged in a specific and strategic way. As experienced event produces, Agritecture organizes customized workshops, events, and roundtables to activate and accelerate urban agriculture in your city