We define the term ‘agritecture’ as the art, science, and practice of integrating agriculture into the built environment.

Our founder, Henry Gordon-Smith, first created the Agritecture platform in 2011 to promote inspiring content related to agritecture news, business, and design. In 2014 the Agritecture platform expanded by hosting our first Agritecture Design Workshop.

Agritecture now has thousands of followers across our various digital channels. We strive to bring high performing agritecture solutions into the zeitgeist of urban design.

To help businesses, entrepreneurs, and cities realize their agritecture dreams, Henry co-founded Blue Planet Consulting (BPC) in 2014. BPC and Agritecture operated as sister companies until 2017, when the entities formally merged.


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Agritecture is powered by the team at Agritecture Consulting.

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