Our consulting philosophy is “know before you grow.” Conducting a feasibility study before you begin project construction will help save you time and money later on. Throughout the feasibility study process, our team will work with you from concept development to plan implementation to ensure your project achieves the highest impact. We have conducted this service globally, and are adept at working in various market contexts.


Design & Engineering

In this stage we develop the design and installation plan for your project. Our Lead Systems Designer will develop a 3D model, bill of materials, including: plumbing, electrical, layout, HVAC, processing, and distribution needs. Here we identify the ideal design given site specifications and product type.  By the end of this stage you will have a complete design and systems model for your project.


Economic Analysis

In this stage we create an economic model for your farm and include analysis around ROI, payback estimates, operational, and capital costs. Here we identify key elements that can be used in your business plan and pitch deck for investors. By the end of this stage you will have an economic model that is viable (we will keep working until we identify a viable model).


Market Research

Based on the location and type of farm you’ve selected, we connect with farms, supermarkets, and distributors to establish accurate data on price points and customer preferences. Here we identify local trends, visit stores, talk to customers, and speak with focus groups. By the end of this stage you will have a report of comprehensive data.


Site Selection

We will guide you through the site selection process through our checklist of considerations and process of elimination. Whether your farm is a greenhouse, indoor vertical, or rooftop system, we have the experience to make the right choice for your investment.