When designing a new farm, it's crucial to ensure that form follows function. Agritecture uses its unique design methodology to consider all possible models for integrating your farm into the built environment. We walk you through key decisions relating to system design, farm layout, and ancillary activities.


Concept Development

Your ideas matter. In this stage we develop your concept and identify your goals. We will walk you through budget setting, types of farms, and business models. Here we empower you with numbers, initial modeling, brainstorming, and collaboration. By the end of this stage you will have a clear concept of the details and scope of your project.


Farm Layout

We will design you farming systems, structures, and workflow, drafting a layout of them so that you can better understand how your operation will perform at scale. Designs are provided in .skp or .dwg

3D farm model FOR WEBSITE 2.jpg

3D Farm Model

We will draft a 3D model of your farm for visualization purposes. These models are used to understand key elements and activities in the farm and can be used for internal and external purposes. Models are provided in .skp or .dwg format.