Focus Points Family Resource Center


Agritecture is working with Focus Points Family Resource Center, a group that facilitates a paid “earn-while-you-learn” program for immigrant families in their community in Denver, Colorado. The program is called Huerta Urbana and its mission is to support healthy growth, earning, and learning. In short, these families get paid to learn how to build their own farming business.

Agritecture was hired to facilitate educational workshops for a 2-year program on topics including urban agriculture overview, crop management, and business plan creation. To provide a solid foundation in building a farming business, Agritecture put together a workshop series covering the following topics:

  • Urban Agriculture Overview

  • Building Out Your Mission and Vision

  • Market Research and Crop Selection

  • Crop Management Schedule Development

  • SOPs and Food Safety Practices

  • Business Plan Outline

  • Farm Design Costs

  • Business Economics

  • Marketing

Location: Denver, Colorado

Services Provided: Education & Workshop services