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Co-op Technical School

The School of Cooperative Technical Education provides students with hands-on training in high demand and cutting edge vocations. Agritecture donated a 50-channel NFT system to the school, and assisted in rehabilitating a neglected rooftop greenhouse into a small scale commercial enterprise.  Agritecture currently contributes weekly time in educating and helping Mrs. Ferguson's Green Team, an interdisciplinary group of students, operate their greenhouse.  Only growing since 2016, the Green Team has already initiated an entrepreneurial farmer's market and begun designs for a vertical outdoor growing system. 

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Teens for Food Justice is galvanizing a youth-led food justice movement! TFFJ works in Title 1 schools to train youth to become urban farmers: building and maintaining indoor hydroponic farms that yield more than 22,000 lbs. of fresh produce annually at each location. TFFJ school farms also serve as youth-led centers for nutrition and health outreach to local low-income, food desert communities. We support TFFJ through reduced-rate consulting as well as serving on their board of advisors. 

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nyc ag collective

Agritecture was a founding member of The NYC Agriculture Collective -- a network of farmers, technologists, and entrepreneurs from NYC and the surrounding metro area dedicated to the promotion of collaborative, progressive urban agriculture. Comprised of both private venture and nonprofit organizations, the Collective represents all 5 Boroughs and encourages ongoing membership. Since its inception in 2015, the Collective has hosted a well-attended, week-long AgTech Week and engaged the Brooklyn Borough President Office in policy discussions.

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We are proud members of a global community of social entrepreneurs granted a free license to Autodesk software because of their commitment to social and environmental change. 

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Aglanta conference

The Aglanta Conference is a gathering to showcase urban and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) innovation in the City of Atlanta, foster community engagement, and generate economic development. Education, economic development, emerging technologies, sustainability, and financing topics will be covered throughout the event. The Mayor’s Office of Atlanta, like other indoor farming industry leaders, recognizes the positive health and community outcomes from this budding industry, and thus is co-organizing the Aglanta Conference with Agritecture Consulting. 

In partnership with the NYC Ag Collective, Agritecture plays a leading role in this annual event which showcases the variety of urban agriculture projects and technologies based in NYC. The week is filled with farm tours, technology demos, business panels, networking events and a locavore dinner. The week’s events are distributed throughout the five boroughs where collective members operate. Participants will have the opportunity to move from Manhattan to the Bronx, Queens to Brooklyn.



AgTech-X is a regular collaborator with Agritecture, as well as a go-to resource for newcomers seeking opportunities at the intersection of Agriculture, Technology, & Sustainability. Henry Gordon-Smith is a co-founder of AgTech X.

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association for vertical farming

We are proud members of the largest global community of vertical farming organizations. As founding members of The Association for Vertical Farming, we support their activities through sponsorship and promotion at our events. We invite you to join their growing platform for collaboration, data sharing, and networking.