What is Agritecture Xchange 2018 – And Why Should You Care?


Agriculture is experiencing a cultural renaissance in urban centers around the world. Whether it be for reasons of food security, youth education, environmental sustainability, or availability of unique and fresh flavors, we’ve witnessed an explosion of interest over the last few years. Several studies validate what we’ve seen anecdotally, outlining a meaningful growth potential.

But even within this still-niche world of urban food production, rationales and objectives vary greatly from one garden or farm to the next, often leading to confusion and inaction amongst key stakeholders, and sometimes even tension amongst farmers.

Adding to this, data is frequently lacking. Urban farming advocates face pushback – often warranted – from nearby rural farming networks or affordable housing proponents, who see urban farms as potentially competing with their justified interests.

At our two companies, we believe the conversation around urban agriculture is too isolated. With Agritecture Xchange, we seek to broaden that dialogue with a week of educational events and knowledge sharing, from Sep 24-29th.


How can urban ag fit into an economy in which housing shortages threaten humane living conditions? How can it integrate into urban life, rather than be at odds with existing developments? Can these farms fit into a more sustainable and localized food system, or do they just compete with other regional growers? Finally, what aspects of urban agriculture can stand on their own financially? Is it actually investible?

We’ll seek to answer these questions and more – with your help – as we exchange information, knowledge, and future visions over the course of these six days.

BUT don’t expect the average all-consuming summit. We’ll be giving you time back to recharge, get work done, and explore all that New York has to offer, with events scheduled for mornings and evenings only. 

Individual event tickets are on sale now!