Agritecture Xchange is creating a global ecosystem of motivated professionals looking to generate sustainable solutions to our largest food system challenges.

Through individual “Xchanges” around the world, we bring together cross-disciplinary professionals to explore these challenges and solutions within the unique context of a host city. And via our global digital network, participants are able to continue the dialogue even after they’ve returned home.


Agritecture Xchange NYC brought together cross-disciplinary professionals from around the world for six days of events, workshops, lectures and farm tours. With attendees from 5 continents, 30 distinguished panelists, 15 partner organizations, and 14 events in just one week, our attendees generated solutions and partnerships at the crux of some of our most pressing food and sustainability challenges. With discussions ranging from food waste and food economy investment to supportive governmental policies, the ideas that sprouted from the week were truly inspiring.


Want to bring an Agritecture Xchange to your city? We are always looking for partners to host the next Xchange with us.

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