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  • Welcome Keynote | How Entrepreneurship is Fostering a New Age for Climate-Smart Agriculture
    Agritecture Founder & CEO Henry Gordon-Smith will break down today’s major drivers of entrepreneurship in the AgTech space with case studies of creative approaches to spurring impactful innovation from around the world.
    Includes insights from Agritecture’s 2020 Global CEA Census Report - free download here.

  • 1.1 | Investor Viewpoint: Most Impactful AgTech Developments of 2020
    Investors from across the globe discuss the most compelling and impactful developments they've seen in the AgTech space this year - and make predictions for what comes next.


Tom Shields, AgFunder | Sarah Nolet, Tenacious Ventures | Anton Wibowo, Trendlines Agrifood Innovation Centre | Joe Dales, RH Accelerator

  • 1.2 | Food System Responses to COVID-19
    There is broad recognition that stronger regional food systems can play a pivotal role in a post-pandemic world. Is there evidence of this happening already? What policy and innovation examples can we look to for inspiration?

Rebecca Mackenzie, Culinary Tourism Alliance | Ashlee Cooper, City of Guelph | Alex Harned, City of Victoria | Keith Currie, Ontario Federation of Agriculture | Robynne Anderson, Emerging Ag

  • 1.3 | Moleaer Info Session: Nanobubbles
    Special info session geared toward commercial growers: What Are Nanobubbles, and How They Improve Water Quality, Plant Health, and Your Bottom Line. Led by Nick Dyner, CEO of Moleaer.

  • 1.4 | Controlled Environment Agriculture: Deep Dive
    Where is the industry today, and where can it be 5 years from now? What will help us get there

Omar Al Jundi, Badia Farms | Marni Karlin, CEA Food Safety Coalition | Tom Debusschere, Urban Crop Solutions | David Ceaser, Agritecture

  • 1.5 | Access & Barriers to Technology
    Tech-based platforms and products are entering the ag market in record numbers, some with gamechanging potential. Many more are in R&D. But how can we ensure that farms of all types and sizes reap the rewards from these technologies?

Jeanette Jackson, Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre | Fred Wall, Farm Credit Canada | Nevin McDougall, A&L Canada Laboratories | Dan Schmidt, Cubic Farms | Tyler Whale, Ontario Agri-Food Technologies

  • 1.6 | The Chang School at Ryerson University Info Session: Food Security
    With special info session, Urban Food Security, led by Lauren Baker and sponsored by The Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University.

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  • Day 2 Keynote | The Role of Carbon Markets in Advancing Regenerative Agriculture
    Katie Sullivan serves as Managing Director of IETA, the global multi-sector business voice for the intersection of markets and climate change. On behalf of IETA’s 150+ corporate members, Katie leads efforts to inform market solutions to address environmental challenges across the Americas and globally. In this talk, Katie will give us a rundown of different types of carbon markets and why they are receiving so much attention today as a key driver of regenerative farming adoption.

  • 2.1 | Regenerative Agriculture: Deep Dive
    Where is the industry today, and where can it be 5 years from now? What will help us get there?

James Morin, Kipling Ridge Farms | Will Harris, White Oak Pastures | Jayce Hafner, FarmRaise | Ethan Soloviev, HowGood

  • 2.2 | Advancing Sustainability in CEA through Technology and Design
    While CEA is often lauded as a more resource efficient method of farming, the major drawback to date has been its energy use. Here we'll discuss emerging technologies and engineering solutions that are lessening the (electrical) load.

Erico Mattos, GLASE | Murat Kacira, University of Arizona CEAC | Corinne Wilder, Fluence by OSRAM | Josh Holleb, Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

  • 2.3 | The Chang School at Ryerson University Info Session: Urban Agriculture
    Special info session, Practicing Different Types of Urban Agriculture, led by Joe Nasr and sponsored by The Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University.

  • 2.4 | Education, Training, & Outreach in AgTech
    How are universities, extension agencies, accelerators, and training programs advancing the adoption of new technologies and more sustainable methods? What are the gaps and challenges?

Jan Westra, Priva | Melana Roberts, Toronto Food Policy Council | Connie Bowen, AgLaunch | Dr. Fadi Al-Daoud, OMAFRA | Natasha Arsenijevich, The Transformation Initiative

  • 2.5 | Growing Beyond the Hype: Controlled Environment Agriculture
    Special address from Sanjeev Krishnan, Chief Investment Officer & Managing Director at S2G Ventures, one of the most active AgriFoodTech investors in the world.
    Includes insights from S2G’s new report, “Growing Beyond the Hype: Controlled Environment Agriculture” - free download here

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  • Closing Keynote | How Cities Can Use Their Purchasing Power to Build a Resilient Food Economy
    Paula Daniels, Co-Founder of the Center for Good Food Purchasing, has researched, worked on, and taught about effective food policy for much of her career. In this special keynote, Paula will discuss examples of cities using their purchasing power to set targets and spur local entrepreneurship. She’ll also give a look towards the future in our three focus areas: CEA, Regenerative Agriculture, and Alternative Proteins.

  • 3.1 | Alternative Proteins: Deep Dive
    Where is the industry today, and where can it be 5 years from now? What will help us get there?

Sujala Balaji, Kosha Foods | Matt Anderson-Baron, Future Fields | Keith Driver, Enterra Feed Corporation | Kristen Rocca, Unovis Asset Management

  • 3.2 | Agitating Change: Cross-Disciplinary Leadership & Innovation
    Short talks from pioneering business leaders using their unique expertise to catalyze change in agriculture.

Jérôme Doucet, Montel | Thomas Kosbau, ORE Design + Technology | Michael Sacco, ChocoSol

  • 3.3 | The Chang School at Ryerson University Info Session: Urban Agriculture
    Special info session, The Many Dimensions of Urban Agriculture, led by James Kuhns and sponsored by The Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University.

  • 3.4 | Equity in the Local Food Economy
    Local food production and manufacturing is exploding. But some are getting left out of this new food economy. What strategies can cities use to ensure that fresher foods, greener spaces, and newer jobs make their way to under-resourced and/or historically-marginalized communities?

Cullen Naumoff, Farm Fare | Maurice Small, Small Farmz | Johl Whiteduck Ringuette, NishDish Marketeria & Catering | Linda C. Geggie, CRFAIR

  • 3.5 | Harnessing Untapped Synergies Between Rural and Urban Agriculture
    Thought leaders from Greater Toronto present their visions for how various players in the urban environment can play critical roles in strengthening the regional food system.

Marina Queirolo, Urban Projects Collective | Janet Horner, The Golden Horseshoe Food & Farming Alliance | Jessey Njau, Zawadi Farms

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