CNN Reports: Vertical Farms On the Rise In the UAE

Vertically farming has quickly become a hot topic in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, driven by concerns over food security and a desire to grow more food locally. Badia Farms, located in Dubai, recently became the first commercial indoor vertical farm in the region, taking advantage of capital provided by King Abdullah’s Initiative for Saudi Agricultural Investment Abroad.

Other vertical farms are quickly on the way, however, including one that is a partnership between Crop One (the company behind US container farming group Freshbox Farms) and Emirates Flight Catering that will supply produce directly to airlines and lounges at Dubai International Airport. The $40 million vertical farm will be the largest in the world once complete, according to the two companies. 

As the trend continues to grow, large media outlets are starting to pay more attention. Case in point: this short video on CNN. Have a look for yourself, and see what the future of farming in the GCC might soon become.