Episode 2 - Locally Grown In: Sydney


On this episode of Locally Grown In, join Henry Gordon-Smith and guests as they explore the local food system in Sydney, Australia.

Sydney is a major agricultural producer and AgTech provider, but local food is also under increasing threat from population growth and the city’s resulting expansion outwards onto fertile farmland.

For a city that faces challenges such as urban sprawl and a rapidly growing population, what are the economic opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to protect and increase local food production? In this episode we talk about the current state of Sydney’s local food system with University of New South Wales Research Fellow Dr. Luke Craven, and we also speak with farming entrepreneur Scott Gregory from Sprouting Good, an urban farming concept that grows food and helps homeless youth.

Have you listened to Episode 1: Introduction to LGI? If not, check it out first!

Episode 2 - Locally Grown In: Sydney


Read more about many of the statistics we reference here at the Sydney Food Futures Report.
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