Episode 3 - Locally Grown In: Dubai


On this episode of Locally Grown In, join Henry Gordon-Smith and guests – Yara Nagi and interviewees – as they explore the local food system in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Did you know that Dubai has committed to building 12 vertical farms in the city by 2030, and at the same time reduce food waste by 50%? In fact, the entire UAE’s National Food Security Strategy is in the spotlight at the moment as the country aims to break into the top 10 in the Global Food Security Index by 2021.

In a country that imports 90% of its food and significantly lacks arable land, what are the economic opportunities for entrepreneurs in Dubai to help provide food security to the growing urban population? In this episode we’ll hear from interviews with local sustainability and farming pioneers at Agricool, The Sustainable City, and Badia Farms.

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