GreenBelly: Turning City Walls Into Vertical Farms

greenbelly vertical farm.jpg

GreenBelly is a vertical garden that can change the future of cities, by making use of the existing walls to produce fresh food in limited spaces. Using recycled materials and organic waste from neighbours, it is a sustainable project that can change the life of urban dwellers!

Modern cities need to reconnect existing architecture with nature. GreenBelly converts blind walls into productive centres for local residents, increasing the urban green surface and improving social cohesion.

GreenBelly uses leftover materials in urban environments, such as scaffolding or wooden pallets. With only 35 m2 of land, a 6-level garden can produce up to 6400 kg of vegetables per year and generates 162 m2 of green area. It can provide organic and affordable salads for residents and people with limited resources.

The vertical garden improves the city from an ecological point of view but also encourages local community participation and social inclusion. It has the potential to help people with limited resources and to provide education in agriculture practices and healthy eating. Local residents become a key part of the system because they help create compost with their daily organic waste.

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Local benefits

  • Provides fresh, seasonal, flavourful and nutrient-rich food products.  

  • Improves urban landscape.

  • Maintains and develops local biodiversity. 

  • Reduces the use of packaging and the pollution associated with food transport. 

  • Fixed low prices, due to low costs of transport and intermediaries. 

  • Benefits the local economy, generating new trade circuits. 

The GreenBelly prototype is designed for big modern cities, but also for the poorest countries where access to food is difficult. It can feed homeless people in difficult times, serve as a recreational hobby for residents, or teach children the value of nature. Therefore, it is not just an urban garden, it is a local project with global benefits.

The company wants to rethink cities so that people's wellbeing is a priority. Nature has to find its way back into modern cities, and GreenBelly is more than just providing food, it is a mechanism for urban regeneration.

They are looking for funding to build vertical gardens in disadvantaged neighbourhoods to help people in need. The main objective of the Crowdfunding is to raise € 45,000 to build a prototype of 20 modules. They will construct them in large developed cities (depending where donations are coming from) to help people with limited resources. The ultimate goal is to make a vertical garden including living spaces.