Brianne Miller: From Marine Biologist to Successful Entrepreneur

Brianne Miller is the CEO and Founder of Nada, a package-free grocery store in Vancouver, Canada, that’s changing the way people shop for their food.

Not long ago, Brianne was a marine biologist, witnessing first-hand the terrible effects that plastic packaging waste has on aquatic life. But that all changed in 2013, when she decided to become an entrepreneur and tackle the issue through a novel grocery store concept: Nada.

At Nada, you’ll find many of the items you’re used to seeing at your local grocery store - the main difference is that you won’t find any packaging. Instead, shoppers bring their own reusable containers (or grab one at the store) and help themselves to the exact amount of any product they’d like. Zero packaging, and less food waste.

Watch our interview with Brianne to learn more about how she created Nada, and the challenges she’s faced along the way as an entrepreneur in the food industry.