Clients hire Agritecture because of our unique capability to benchmark projects relative to one another. This fosters new levels of insight and analysis that can strengthen operators, investors, and organizations involved in urban agriculture. Carbon footprint analysis, case study research, and market assessments are a common part of Agritecture's practice. Unique research requests are also common and welcome.

Case Studies

Agritecture is constantly tracking and analyzing urban agriculture projects around the globe. Send us a custom request and we will research and analyze specific case studies and report back to you.


Sustainability Analysis

Whether you want to understand and track the co2 footprint of current and future urban farming operations, pursue a life-cycle analysis, or some other sustainability assessment, Agritecture’s sustainability managers can help.


Assessment & Recommendations

We will review all of the documents regarding your business (or an investment you are considering) and provide a technical assessment of the viability of the project. All recommendations are submitted in the form of a report and a review session by phone.


Document Gathering

Before we can make an accurate recommendation regarding a new farming business plan, we need to gather all of the information regarding its purpose, costs, and proposed systems. Agritecture will use its checklist of required documents to ensure we have a full picture before making our assessment.


Due Diligence

Agritecture’s due diligence service helps investors and other reduce risk. Our expert team of growers, engineers, and business advisors will identify key gaps in business plans and supporting documents, and propose solutions to ensure that a project is ready for investment.