7 Gifts For Urban Farming Enthusiasts

Farm.One’s flagship New York location in Tribeca; image sourced from Farm.One

Farm.One’s flagship New York location in Tribeca; image sourced from Farm.One


In a time where people are afraid of stepping outside, reluctant to go into grocery stores, and hesitant to dine-in at their favorite restaurant, why not gift them something that brings fresh ingredients to their home? Let’s bring out the urban farming enthusiast in your special someone and give them a grow kit, a smart gardening system, or access to Agritecture’s loved Commercial Urban Farming Course. Give your special someone a gift that they’ll actually love!

Whether they’re a gardening expert, or just someone looking to test out their green thumb for the first time, these urban farming gifts are sure to be cherished.

  1. The Smallhold Mushroom kit

For the home chef

This technology helps mushrooms to grow in the center of grocery stores and high-end restaurants. And now, you can grow them inside your own home. Not only are mushrooms healthy and delicious, but now, they’re fun to grow too. All that’s really needed is a spray bottle filled with water, a rubber band, and a clean, sharp knife.


For the green thumb just testing out their skills.

This easy-to-use starter kit has everything you need to grow microgreens. By just adding water, anyone can have a green thumb when they grow with Hamama’s Easy Microgreens Kit. The kit includes a reusable grow tray, easy growing instructions, and 3 Seed Quilts with 10 options. 


3. The Urbanstrong Living Plant Wall

For the plant lover, to brighten up your home with plants.

Urbanstrong’s Fresh Frames are the perfect remedy for any working and living environment. The Frame requires no electricity or plumbing. It features an integrated watering system to draw water upwards, giving the plants the necessary amount they need to survive. There are several options: you can pair multiple to cover up your wall, or just have one, the system can ship to you planted or unplanted, and in full size or mini.

For the entrepreneur who wants to further their urban agriculture education.

This Commercial Urban Farming Course pulls together Agritecture’s years of experience advising clients on the key best practices to ensure success in their urban farming endeavours. This online course brings this knowledge online to anyone, anywhere. This master class includes more than 2.5 hours of video learning - broken down into 6 comprehensive lessons - each lesson made up of digestible 5-10 minute modules.

For those who want fresh herbs and veggies year round

Click and Grow’s smart systems allow you to grow fresh herbs and vegetables indoors, all year round. The systems come with automatic watering, pro-grow lights that supply the perfect amount of light, a companion app to help you become a plant expert, and the perfect amount of nutrients and oxygen for your plants. You can choose from 50+ pre-seeded plant pods, and get a complimentary set of plant pods for free.


6. Farm.One

For the salad lover who can’t get enough of fresh salads

Farm.One delivers the generous, healthy, and delicious gift of salad mixes to your doorstep weekly. All produce grown in a Manhattan vertifarm farm. ‍Each delivery contains ever-changing varieties of baby greens, microgreens, herbs, and flowers grown on the Farm.One farm in TriBeCa. All deliveries by bike, within hours of harvest. All packaging is reusable. ‍This is the perfect gift for foodies who love freshness and sustainability.


7. The Oishii Berry

For someone sweet

Give the gift of delicious strawberries, grown to perfection, to someone sweet. Grown in the world’s first and largest indoor vertical strawberry farm, this berry is like none you’ve had before. ‘Bright, Bold and Extraordinarily Sweet’ is the motto of this Omakase berry-producing company. This is a concept of Japanese provenance that asks guests to trust the chef to craft the perfect meal for them.



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