The Future Of Farming Is Vertical

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According to projections from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation, the world population will balloon by 34 percent over the next 30 years. That’s a lot of mouths to feed. Agribusinesses will need to get smarter in order to utilize their same plots of land in ways that deliver greater, more reliable yields.

And vertical farming is poised to answer the call. After all, when you can grow stalks of corn or wheat one on top of the other, you effectively double your production potential. But it’s not all about the vertical. As Montel knows from nearly 100 years of experience in the business of saving space, horizontal still matters today - and will continue to matter tomorrow.

Up and down, left and right and all around

Yes, vertical farming can and will reinvent how we grow crops. But without attention paid to efficiency, future farmers will prohibit themselves from maximizing their cubic capacity.

Static vertical farming equipment may mean a farmer can grow more indoors today than he could grow outdoors yesterday, but it limits how far that growth can go. Gone are the days of measuring a harvest by pounds of yield and hours of sunlight. The vertical farming flower power of the 21st century is measured in watts, from lighting and HVAC. When you leave aisle space between static racking, you’re leaving a lot of your newfound vertical farming potential untilled. And that means lower profitability at a time when the sky should be the limit.

Vertical farming is what will revolutionize how we grow and cultivate, but efficient horizontal farming with mobile racking systems is what will bring it back down to earth.

Vertical mobile farming systems from Montel

Vertical mobile racking from Montel can strengthen your grow operations and take full advantage of how agriculture is adapting to meet demands for a greater and more reliable yield, all while minimizing expenses.

Our fully customizable multitier mobile carriages optimize your indoor farming footprint by eliminating the aisle. When growers require access to certain plants, they can open and close modules with the push of a button. Montel mobile racking for vertical farming is also OSHA-compliant and can be outfitted with automatic lighting, ventilation, and irrigation systems, which can greatly reduce labor costs and keep your plants healthy and your harvests bountiful.

See for yourself how Montel is changing the game for indoor farmers and cannabis growers the world over.


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