Atlanta is currently a booming city, and home to the third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the US. But as the population and economy grows, the city is also looking to reinvent itself from a sustainability standpoint. In 2016, Atlanta was named one of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities, which provides extra resources to develop and implement a robust resiliency strategy. This year, during the last week of March, the city will play host to two major conferences focussing on urban resilience. 


On Monday, March 26th, Atlanta will feature Park Pride’s 17th annual Parks & Greenspace Conference, this year entitled: Parks and the Resilient City. Over 450 park professionals, greenspace advocates, and community members from across the country will gather to discuss ways of making our park systems better able to withstand the acute crises and chronic stressors that accompany a growing population and economic uncertainty.

For those simply interesting in urban resilience more generally, this conference should be a great way to explore how a robust urban park system contributes to the overall resilience of a city. Then on the following day, the 2-day AgLanta Conference will commence. 


With a focus on smart and resilient cities, AgLanta 2018 will be the premier conference for anyone already involved with or interested in the sustainable growth of urban agriculture. On Tuesday, March 27th through Wednesday, March 28th, an anticipated 400+ attendees will come together to discuss how “smart agriculture” fits into the “smart city” discussion—all within the iconic Georgia Railroad Freight Depot of Downtown Atlanta.

The conference has been designed to facilitate connections and knowledge sharing between leading professionals from CEA operators, AgTech providers and entrepreneurs, to architects, investors and city officials. Whether you are active in urban agriculture or simply interested in learning more, you will discover valuable information and contacts at AgLanta 2018. 

Right now, discounted Early Bird tickets are available for both events. But, in a special celebration of Atlanta and this week of resiliency, our discount code “greenaglanta” will get you an additional 20% off of tickets to both events! Check out these conferences with our links below, and be sure to purchase your tickets soon while this deal lasts. 

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