Enrich Gardening, an Atlanta based startup, recently began selling what they say is “the world’s smallest & smartest garden.” The small and easy-to-use grow kits are designed to empower everyone to enjoy growing food within their own homes. Enrich has also developed a mobile app which acts as a companion to the grow kits. On the front of every kit there is a QR code that can be scanned by the app. The app will load that very plant into a virtual garden and begin sending you reminders on when and how much to water. 

Enrich Plants.jpg

“We really wanted to create a fun, affordable, and transparent solution to gardening indoors” says the CEO of Ernich. “We plan on offering a lot more plants in the not so distant future. We are really excited to become people’s select choice if they want to grow indoors.”

Enrich’s current product line consists of small grow kits that contain everything an aspiring gardener would need. They can grow right inside the packaging so clay pots are a thing of the past. All of Enrich’s kits are organic and non-gmo so no need to worry about any harmful chemicals.

Enrich Basil.jpg

The company is planning to release a mobile app and product line targeted directly for children in grades K-5. Kids who grow their own food are 5X more likely to eat healthy, so Enrich is finding a way to help facilitate this. The Kids App development does not currently have a release date. 

The company recently graduated from Georgia State’s Incubator program, becoming one of the first to successfully launch from the program. 

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