17th Annual Greenhouse Crop Production & Engineering Design Short Course

Get your questions answered and increase your hydroponic growing know-how at CEAC’s Greenhouse Crop Production & Engineering Design Short Course – A four day conference, put on by the University of Arizona Controlled Environment Agriculture Center, including three full days of lecture, one day of hands-on training workshops at CEAC, and a commercial Arizona greenhouse tour. 

From March 12-16, 2018 in Tucson, Arizona, this jam-packed 5-day event is a laser-cut harvest of information from experts in research, production and the bottom-line business of controlled environment agriculture. You have three full days of intensely focused sessions on all the science, technology and knowledge necessary to make your growing businesses improve.  And then, in the greenhouses of the UofA-CEAC, you’ll smell the vines that hold the tasty fruits of success with a full-day of hands-on training workshops led by globally renowned research and production specialists of the University of Arizona.

You’ll also have face-to-face time with industry experts on your special questions, as well as networking time with industry leaders, with personal follow-ups that phone and social contacts bring. “CEAC is a hub for indoor ag education, research and networking” (Seedstock) and our resources offer information and expertise that spotlights the essential information to keep your growing business relevant in an ever-evolving CEA market.  

Registration is open to become an attendee, exhibitor or sponsor.  Call us at UofA-CEAC to get best spots and make arrangements.

More information on the course, registration, early bird pricing and other discounts can be found on the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center’s website and a schedule of events & speakers here