How "Plant" Is Designing The Future Of Food And Education

Now a “reformed capitalist” after many years at Bank of America, Karim Giscombe and his team have launched two new platforms to impact the intersection of food and society. One is Plant, a service provider operating high-tech greenhouses, and the other, Plant4Tomorrow, is a nonprofit research and development initiative that aims to partner with school districts and educational institutions.

No More False Claims!

GreenTech 2018, Amsterdam’s major horticulture technology conference, just wrapped up last week. For all who couldn’t make it, here is a brief recap that highlights 7 important lessons for the future of vertical farming.

Can High-Tech Indoor Agriculture Transform Local Food?

New York City is a global leader for indoor agriculture, with farms such as Farm.One, Smallhold and Gotham Greens punctuating the concrete jungle with their innovative farming systems. But as the industry continues to grow, one central point remains unclear: Are New York’s indoor farms destined to only cater to elite clients, or can they help realize a new local food future?