Locally Grown In is a podcast on a mission to help entrepreneurs grow local food. 

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The challenges facing our global food system are tremendous: every year the planet’s demand for food rises, people are flocking to cities, climate change is altering weather patterns, and resource scarcity threatens our very ability to grow the food that we desperately need.

It’s a gloomy picture isn’t it?! And yet, amazing things are happening every day in local food systems across the world to tackle these challenges head on. Through our work here at Agritecture we get to experience these global challenges and innovations first hand, but for many these stories can be hard to come across. That’s why we first started our blog, and it is exactly why we have created a podcast all about local food systems across the globe: Locally Grown In.

In each episode we explore the threats and opportunities for local agriculture in a different city by looking at existing data and interviewing leaders from that city’s local food movement. Our goal is to help YOU identify the economic, social, and environmental opportunities in growing fresh local food around the world.

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Have a question about urban farming? Want us to feature your city? Give us a shout out on Twitter, and be sure to use the hashtag #LocallyGrownIn. We want to hear from you!