Episode 7 - Locally Grown In: New York City

On this episode of Locally Grown In, join Henry Gordon-Smith and guests – Briana Zagami, Rob Laing, Anastasia Plakias, and Raymond Figueroa – as they explore the local food system in New York City.

Developing urban agriculture in New York City has the opportunity to reduce food transportation costs and the associated environmental impacts, provide economic opportunities, and improve public health. In this episode, we meet with two entrepreneurs who are utilizing unused space to grow food in New York City and are sharing their narratives with the public by hosting tours at their farms. Anastasia Plakias Co-Founder and COO of Brooklyn Grange, and Rob Laing CEO of Farm One, are helping to change the local food landscape in NYC.

We also interview Raymond Figueroa, who has been involved in countless efforts to increase access to fresh food in New York, especially in the South Bronx. He talks to us about the importance of community gardens and their co-benefits specifically to New York’s urban environment. He also tells us about how community gardens are empowering New York City’s youth.

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