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This Paris-Based Start-Up Is Combining Gastronomy and Sustainable Agriculture

An Agritecture exclusive interview with La Plucherie, a paris-based start-up giving chefs access to fresh, local rare herbs. Utilizing a small Indoor growing unit and a “Growtruck”, a showroom of the technical know-how.

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Agriculture Tech And Investing Need A Diversity Overhaul - Here's How

Agriculture is still fighting a stigma of being “behind the times”, and this sentiment remains true for diversity within the ag-tech and ag-investment communities. Steps are being taken to address this issue, including this open-sourced list of female leaders in agtech, but more effort is undoubtedly needed.

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German Startup Farmers Cut Shares Why Vertical Farming Success Begins with the Customer

Mark Korzilius knows a thing or two about creating transformational food experiences. As a Founder of Vapiano, he was instrumental in developing the fast-casual chain from a European startup to a globally recognizable brand in more than 31 countries. Now, Mark is the Creator of Opportunities at Farmers Cut, a vertical farming startup focused on transforming the customer's experience with local food. Take a listen as I interviewed him about vertical farming, smart operations, and Farmers Cut's "Customer-Centric" approach. 


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