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Bridging the gap between Smart Cities and Smart Agriculture

A conversation with Henry Gordon-Smith, Founder and Managing Director of Agritecture Consulting, about the future of urban agriculture and our cities. Henry will be teaching the Specialization Track ‘Smart Cities and Smart Agriculture’ together with Maeva Dang, on July 23 at the Thought for Food Academy Summit in Brazil.

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An Accountant, A Farmer and A Teacher

For a city to be 'smart', it must include agriculture. This is exactly why the recent AgLanta Conference brought together professionals from far and wide to discuss the future of urban agriculture, 'smart cities', and the important integration that must take place between the two. Our society tends to be heavily siloed, but at AgLanta 2018 the walls were temporarily removed and the discussions and connections that took place were incredible. This was my experience:

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exploring the smart city revolution

A ‘Smart City’ revolution is underway that applies technology driven solutions to urban problems. But urban food systems, and urban agriculture in particular--despite its unique advantages in making cities more resilient and sustainable--are often left out of the Smart City discussion. To explore these ideas further, Agritecture sat down with Chelsea Collier, founder of Digi.City, to discuss her research on Smart Cities across the globe, and where she sees urban ag in the broader Smart Cities context.

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