Agritecture's Partner Network Expands to 20 Members; Seeks to Set a New Standard for Data Transparency


Credit: ZipGrow.


Written by: Isabelle Dom

January 17, 2023

For those of you who are actively planning a new farm, there are many hurdles you may be facing or will face soon. The two that we hear most often are: (1) Deciding on the right equipment suppliers from so many options; and (2) Accessing relevant financing options.

We established the Agritecture Partner Network (APN) to solve these challenges while accelerating the timeline to launch and providing those of you who sign up for an Agritecture Designer Pro account with exclusive discounts found only through us.

Currently, the APN comprises 16 equipment providers and 4 financing providers. (In the coming months, we will also announce our first few service providers to join the network.) We vet all of these partners, and any new members must meet specific criteria, such as evidence of commercial success, positive reviews from at least 2 customers, and a willingness to share operational data from their installations or R&D facilities with us. Third-party validation of the system or underlying technology is also factored in.

Today, we are excited to spotlight several recent additions to the APN. These companies join a number of existing members, which include: Ceres Greenhouse Solutions, CropKing, Inc., Greener Crop, INNO-3B, LettUs Grow, Montel, New Growing System, Priva, Urban Crop Solutions, Tower Farms, FarmRaise, Harvest Returns, Mainvest, and Perl Street

Current Culture H2O

For the last 15 years, Current Culture H2O® (CCH2O) has been a market leader and innovator in hydroponic cultivation solutions for professional growers worldwide. Their Proven Production Approach includes high-performance hydroponics systems, premium hydroponic nutrients, and expert support. These solutions are used in a wide variety of modern agricultural applications in both greenhouses and controlled environments.

Credit: iFarm.


iFarm creates solutions for city farming. Their technologies enable entrepreneurs all over the world to grow fresh herbs, berries and edible flowers locally and throughout the year. iFarm's offering includes iFarm Growtune, a SaaS platform to manage vertical farms; vertical farm equipment and iFarm Cropper, a standalone module for growing greens.

Credit: HRVST Limited.

HRVST Limited

HRVST Limited is on a mission to power the future of sustainable agriculture and take on some of humanity’s toughest challenges. Their unique row-by-row hyper-controlled technology creates optimal growing conditions, produces more reliable results, and dramatically improves crop yields, in virtually any environment, and for even the most complex plants. 


Moleaer manufacturers industrial scale nanobubble systems that deliver extraordinary improvements in sustainable food production, chemical free water treatment and disinfection. Nanobubbles are an innovative, sustainable irrigation and greenhouse technology fueling healthier plant growth through unparalleled oxygenation, pathogen control, and improved root development.

Credit: CCNY.


Nuravine provides smart and flexible automated nutrient dosing for recirculating systems. Their systems are modular, and multiple systems can be aggregated on a cloud platform. They are constantly upgrading their system as they learn what customers need through software and hardware features. Even better, their systems don’t need to be replaced in order to receive the new upgrades and features.

Surna Cultivation Technologies

Surna Cultivation Technologies is an industry leader in CEA facility design and technologies. They provide full-service licensed architectural and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering services, carefully curated HVACD equipment, proprietary controls systems, lighting, water treatment, and benching and racking products.


ZipGrow Inc. is a Canadian based international leader in indoor, vertical farming technology. ZipGrow Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells commercial, hobby, and educational sustainable hydroponic equipment throughout North America and the world. ZipGrow Inc. is a rapidly growing company with a focus on innovation and R&D. Their flagship product, the ZipGrow™ Tower, is a core component of many of the systems used by today's most innovative farmers, from indoor hydroponic warehouse farms, to vertical aquaponic greenhouses, and high-density container farms. As well as holding the exclusive rights to the patented ZipGrow™ technology, ZipGrow Inc. is also an experimental research company, focusing on innovative developments within the agri-tech industry. Research findings are shared with ZipFarm growers as they are developed.

To learn more about all of our APN members, please visit their Transparency Profiles after logging into Agritecture Designer. These profiles include information about each partner’s value proposition, market history, client fit, customer service, and sustainability initiatives. Users will also have the option to request quotes directly from the company profiles and provide data from their farm models on Agritecture Designer, making the quoting process much quicker and easier.


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