Agritecture’s Top 5 YouTube Videos In 2020


With COVID-19 reshaping our means of knowledge sharing, Agritecture turned to YouTube to launch our Travel-Free Digital Conference Series. Not only did this solution create a way to continue discussions about vertical farming, urban agriculture, and local food systems, but it did so through a series of digital interviews with industry experts from around the globe, allowing access to this essential knowledge to anyone, anywhere.

In 2020, Agritecture uploaded 1,923 minutes of content to YouTube, enabling our growing community of viewers to spend a total of 125,776 minutes learning about these crucial food system topics.

Here are the Agritecture community’s most-watched YouTube videos of 2020:

Image sourced from Vertical Farm Systems

Image sourced from Vertical Farm Systems

#1: Vertical Farm Systems with John Leslie

John gives us a tour of his Australian company Vertical Farm Systems. Their system is fully integrated from seed to harvest and is designed to have major impacts on reducing labor and operational costs related to environmental management. Vertical Farming Systems has been iterating on this design for over 9 years and are currently expanding into global markets.

Image sourced from Khaled Majouji

Image sourced from Khaled Majouji

#2: Outdoor Vertical Farming with Khaled Majouji

Khaled, aka The Plant Charmer, is the founder and president of In.Genius Farms which uses rain gutters to cultivate a variety of crops in outdoor A-frame systems. Khaled discusses how their innovative system allows them to produce at a much lower cost than other urban farms and offer high-quality, pesticide-free produce at prices equal to conventional produce. Khaled is a truly inspirational guest!

#3: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture with Joyce Hunter

In this interview our guest speaker, Joyce Hunter of Vulcan Enterprises, LLC, discusses the role of artificial intelligence in today’s agricultural landscape and what the future holds for the development of these fascinating technologies.

Image sourced from Grow Computer

Image sourced from Grow Computer

#4: The Internet of Plants with Daniel L. Nelson

Daniel L. Nelson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Grow Computer, a digitized platform that allows a grower to control, monitor, analyze, and automate any grow system remotely. Learn how to improve your grow with a fully controlled system and data-driven farm management. Daniel also shares his inspiring journey in agtech as an entrepreneur.

Image sourced from Emerging Ag Inc.

Image sourced from Emerging Ag Inc.

#5: The Future of Food Systems with Robynne Anderson

How do we put agriculture on the political agenda of national leaders? In this episode, we hear from Robynne Anderson, the President of Emerging Ag Inc., on what the future of food systems can look like.

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