How Spirituality Can Improve Your Farming

As an urban agriculturalist, you probably spend time with the plants you're producing because you enjoy it. One might even say you enjoy their company or energy. What if your plants feel the same about you?

Plants Feel and Respond

Multiple studies dated back to the 1970’s have found that plants feel and respond in kind. Certain caterpillars are destructive to leafy trees. These caterpillars munch on the leaves, making a specific sound. Apparently, the tree can hear the munching. In experiments, researchers found that the sounds of caterpillars munching on leaves caused the plant to respond. They will flood their leaves with chemical defenses to prevent caterpillars from attacking them.

We actually share a sixth sense with plants where we are aware that parts of our body are in space (or air). This is all part of a feedback loop that we have in our muscles and brain. Our details differ, of course, but the fact is that plants are able to detect changes that occur in their surroundings and will respond to those changes.

Spirituality Breeds Compassion

Let’s face it, organic farming is challenging. To keep bugs away from your precious produce takes a lot of work. It’s costly too. Often, you will fail at first, which is why you need some serious compassion. Through your spirituality, you will learn how to be mindful during moments of being with the plants you have. The Ayurveda philosophy, which is an ancient medicinal practice that derives from India, involves sending plants love.

Whenever you are in meditation, you can send loving energy to your crops. In fact, you can meditate while you’re gardening, planting, or harvesting. There have been studies to show that even the simplest of life forms respond to gentle, loving energy.

Have you yourself ever walked into a room and felt repelled to enter? Alternatively, have you felt excited to enter into a group? Have you felt rejuvenated after a yoga class that was filled with “good vibes?” It’s no coincidence. So give your plants the same kind of love you hope to receive in this life and see how they prosper. You can also feel compassion for whatever annoying little bugs get in the way of your ideal farming.

Conscious Awareness

Spirituality is very much based on your conscious awareness. It is a tool you need to hone in order to help yourself. It is how you break through emotional barriers that have been holding you back in your own life. There is honey that is sold for a higher price because it’s had energy sent to it. Reiki, which is a form of spiritual healing, can be sent to anything. If it is a living entity. The practice is said to receive energy from the source and give it to other living things.

Perhaps something more rational or something you can put your finger on is that spirituality makes you more aware. You are more aware of your surroundings because you are more mindful. The tasks that you do are done with integrity and intention. If it’s true that plants can feel your vibrations or energy, your calm and focused demeanor will do them far more good than if you’re chaotic.

Plus, you’re going to give them greater attention. Your plants will receive more attention. You’ll be more aware if they don’t look as healthy as they could. You’ll measure out whatever nutrients are necessary with a sense of mindfulness. Conscious awareness is about seeing what is in front of you. When you’re doing that, you’re more likely to put care into things.

Spirituality and Plants

urban farming spirituality plants.jpg

Plants are like animals and like us, humans, too. They are sensitive to all the stimuli that surround them. Plants have been shown to flourish when they receive love and kindness. They grow faster and show better production when there is a harmonious, non-violent environment that surrounds them.

Growth patterns have been shown to be affected amongst chaos or a harsh environment. When plants are neglected, they have less of a will to grow. Some might even say they exhibit a similar will to us when it comes to growing in a hostile environment.

Music is often used as it’s believed that plants resonate with the vibration of harmony. They grow better and also produce more.

But even more importantly, plants need respect. This includes respecting the earth that surrounds your own farm. If you’re unkind to plants where you live, you could cause an effect elsewhere in the world. There is a connectedness between all living things.

Spirituality isn’t a scary word. It is an acknowledgment of our connection. That we are all energy that resonates off one another. There are many ways you can cultivate healthy organic farm crops. You should introduce a bit of love in your growing habits. It’s free and science says it’s effective.

by Meera Watts. Meera is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and mom. Her writing on yoga and holistic health has appeared in Elephant Journal, CureJoy, FunTimesGuide, OMtimes, and others. She’s also the founder and owner of Siddhi Yoga.