These TWO-day workshops bring together urban agriculture ‘dream teams’ by matching interdisciplinary professionals such as architects, growers, entrepreneurs, engineers, marketers, designers, and sustainability managers.

Teams gather together along with a shared mission: to develop a viable “agritecture” concept for the host city. 

The Agritecture Design Workshops comprise of three teams, each matched with the goal of demonstrating creativity, sustainability, and feasibility when integrating agriculture into cities. 

On-site mentors from Agritecture Consulting will guide participants through urban agriculture project planning, hydroponic agriculture, and sustainability. 



  1. New York, New York - December 2014 
  2. Las Vegas, Nevada - March 2015
  3. Atlanta, Georgia - September 2015 
  4. Minneapolis, Minnesota - September 2015 
  5. Fresno, California - February 2016
  6. London, United Kingdom - June 2016
  7. Boston, Massachusetts - December 2016
  8. Los Angeles, California - March 2017
  9. Baltimore, Maryland - June 2017
  10. Vancouver, Canada - April 20 & 21

The 11th Agritecture Design Workshop will be held on Friday, September 7th, and Saturday, September 8th in Miami, Florida.
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What participants are saying:


“The collaborative workshop was an opportunity to work together with like minded individuals to share valuable information and creatively solve a problem facing our society.”


“It was an honor to be a part of such a talented and diverse group of professionals who shared my passion for sustainable urban agriculture.”
— Las Vegas Workshop Participant
“A stimulating and thought-provoking think tank for people passionate about urban agriculture and its place in the future of our cities.”
— Baltimore Workshop Participant
“The epicenter of the future of sustainable agriculture and food supply.”
— Minneapolis Workshop Participant
“Taking an urban farm from concept to feasibility study in one day is a huge challenge, but the network professionals brought together by Agritecture are exactly the sort who will rise to the greater challenge of taking vertical farming from feasibility study to working reality.”
— Boston Workshop Participant
“It was a time of legendary learning, notorious networking & happiness!”
— Los Angeles Workshop Participant

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