Support & Management

Agritecture offers project management services to help you implement your unique urban agriculture business. With project planning, vendor negotiations, and weekly calls included, this service is ideal for small teams that want some expert guidance in their corner as they navigate complex farm development. Agritecture also offers support packages for operations around the world. Get trusted guidance from a designated consultant as they troubleshoot your farming challenges.


Vendor Communications

Equipment vendors are a critical piece of your farming business. Agritecture can help you negotiate the best prices and navigate often complex and technical information vendors provide. This helps you be a better operator and start off on the right foot with equipment providers.


Project Management

Ensuring your project is built on time is important to us. In this stage, we track milestones and deliverables in the project timeline and report weekly on progress. Any delays are analyzed and explained along with reasonable responses and timeline adjustments necessary. Includes tracking of equipment deliveries through the farm build.



It’s normal for any farm to face issues. From pest management, to labor and food safety, Agritecture is available for ongoing support to tackle the challenges of running an urban farming operation.

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Training Programs

Sometimes you will need an extra boost to your operation. Customized trainings on food safety, operations management, and other aspects of your farming business are part of Agritecture’s core offering.


Data Analysis

Tracking, analyzing, and using data from your operation is an important step on your pathway to success. We will take a look at your current data management process, review past data, and make recommendations to optimize farm efficiency.