NYU Campus, Silver Center


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This spring, RegenerativeNYC will bring together startups, industry leaders, investors, farmers and students to establish a rich community to engage with the latest developments in regenerative agriculture. The conference will be held in partnership with New York University and will aim to foster a community for regenerative agriculture in the financial capital of the world. The day will consist of keynotes, panels, and breakout discussions. The film Common Ground will be aired the night before the conference.  


  1. Foster professional community in the Northeast centered around regenerative farming
  2. Move capital into regenerative agriculture
  3. Strengthen the collaboration between academia and business 
  4. Direct students and the next generation of the workforce to regenerative agriculture

Date: 04.22.2024 | Add RegenerativeNYC to your Google Calendar

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM EST

Location: NYU Campus, Silver Center

Attendance: 135-150 participants

Example Agenda Topics:

  • Stories from the field
  • Investing in RA
  • Academia’s role in RA & notable research
  • Advancements in supply chain alignment 
  • MRV
  • Approaches to Farmland Investment
  • USDA’s role in RA

Team: Cortlandt Meyerson, Jackson Baris, Edoardo Marras, Isha Vemuri

Academic Advisors: Matthew Hayek (PhD), Shelby McClelland (PhD)

Board: Anthony Corsaro, Oistein Thorsen, Elizabeth Candelario, Rosie Kissel, Dipesh Minstry, Jessamine Fitzpatrick, Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin​​

More details: Head to for more information!

List of Interested & Attending Organizations:


Akiptan, Alder Point Capital, WWF, Edacious, Organic Trade Association, Outlaw Ventures, PLANT Group, Princeton, Robert Hall Winery, Rockefeller Foundation, Rooted Ag, Tufts, Rural Works Partners, Savanna Institute, American Farmland Trust, Armonia LLC, Aspen Institute, CIWF,  Partnership Fund, Columbia Climate School, Onondaga Nation Farm, Cornell CALS, SVG Ventures, CREO, Delta Conservation, Deloitte, OpenTEAM, Black Farmer Fund, Miller/Howard Investments, Polly Labs, Harvard, Canopy Farm Management, Walden Local Beef, New Brooklyn Farms, Downforce Tech, Good Agriculture, Derailleur Capital, ESMC, FORA, Fractal Ag, Gener8tor, Glynwood, Grounded Capital, Soil Centric, Harrisonburg Agricultural Enterprise Center, Wind River Trust, Holo Ag, Merge Hudson Valley Farm Hub, Soil In Formation, Hudson Varick, Thom Browne, Heart & Seoul, How Good, Intrinsic Exchange, Intent Ag, Kynetec, Mad Agriculture, Scenic Hudson Land Trust, Long Future Farm, Montcalm TCR, Nestle, NYU ES, NYU Food Studies, NYU Gallatin, Grassroots Carbon, SLM Partners, Soil Carbon Initiative, The Nest, Tikehau Capital, Trailhead Capital, USDA, Vayda, Wonder Mapper, World Food Forum, Wolfe Neck Center, Yale CBE, and Zero Foodprint + 14 more

Audience Breakdown:

[30%] Startups & industry professionals

[20%] Investors & philanthropic organizations

[25%] Students & student organizations

[10%] College Professors, Academics, and Faculty

[10%] Farmers

[5%] Other food system professionals

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Later Event: June 24

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