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CIDA Digital Agriculture Workshop

  • Cornell Statler Hotel (map)
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2nd Annual CIDA Digital Agriculture Workshop
October 30th, 2019
Cornell Statler Hotel
Ithaca, NY

This year will feature keynote speakers as well as panel sessions with participants across the DA spectrum. Please fill out the registration form. If you should need accommodation, CIDA has set aside a block of rooms at the Statler Hotel. Please use Group Code: DIGAG103019 via the Statler reservation link or by calling the reservation desk: 800-541-2501. Mark your calendars and stay tuned to this page as we update you with further information!

Tentative Schedule

8:30-9:00 Welcome and introductions around the room Tim Vanini, CIDA Managing Director

9:00-10:00 1st Keynote Speaker Charlie Messina, Senior Scientist, Corteva

10:00-10:30Networking and Refreshments

10:30-10:50CIDA Update Susan McCouch, Director of CIDA

10:50-11:30 Digital Agriculture USDA Hatch Grant Awardees (August 2017)

Development of a High-Resolution Weather Forecast Database for Digital Agricultural Research and Outreach Applications Investigators: Arthur DeGaetano, CALS; Madeleine Udell, COE

E-Synch: A Tool to Automate and Optimize Cattle Reproductive Management
Investigators: David Erickson, COE; Julio Giordano, CALS

Improving Vineyard Management Using Touch-Sensitive Soft Robots
Investigators: Kirstin Petersen, COE; Justine Vanden Heuvel, CALS

A New Foundation for Digital Irrigation Scheduling in Apple Orchards
Investigators: Lailiang Cheng, CALS; Alan Lakso, CALS; Abraham Stroock, COE; Fengqi You, COE

Advancing Digital Agriculture and Conservation Through Data-Driven Decision and Policy-Making
Investigator: Fengqi You, COE; Matthew Ryan, CALS

11:30-12:05CIDA Research Innovation Fund and USDA Hatch Grant Awardees (June 2019)

Improving Strawberry Yield Through Native and Robotic Pollinators
Investigators: Kirstin Petersen, COE; Scott McArt, CALS

New soil robotics and sensing for soil-root phenotyping of water-use effectiveness
Investigators: Taryn Bauerle, CALS; Rob Shepherd, COE; Abraham Stroock, COE; Mike Gore, CALS; Johannes Lehmann, CALS;

Microbiome-informed computational models and decision support tools to predict fresh produce spoilage: spinach as a model system
Investigators: Martin Wiedmann, CALS; Renata Ivanek, CVM

Accelerated and Automated Stress Diagnostics in Apple Orchards
Investigators: Awais Khan, CALSSerge Belongie, CIS; Noah Snavely, CIS

Carbon farming: combining machine intelligence, big data, and process models to support this emerging sector
Investigators: Dominic Woolf, CALS;  Johannes Lehmann, CALS; Fengqi You, COE 

Function-targeted High-Resolution Phenotyping Platform to Deduce Genetics-Functions
Relationships in Rhizomicrobiome for Promoting Plant Nutrients Utilization
Investigators: April Gu, COE; Jenny Kao-Kniffin, CALS; Kilian Weinberger, CIS

Scalable Digital Sensors of the Skies and Soils: An Internet of Things approach to improve farm-scale weather forecasts of extreme heat, drought, and rainfall
Investigators: Toby Ault, CALS; Max Zhang, COE

Development of predictive models to accurately detect subclinical and clinical mastitis in dairy cows milked with automated milking systems
Investigators: Rick Watters, CVM; Kristan Reed, CALS

Remote-Sensing Based Framework for Farm-Scale In-Season Crop Yield Forecast
Investigators: Ying Sun, CALS; Carla Gomes, CIS; Ariel Ortiz-Bobea, JCB

12:05-12:20 CIDA Research Innovation Fund Awardees (May 2019)

Digital Tools for Systems Analysis and Data Analytics of Biomass Pyrolysis in Agriculture
Presenter: Shipu Zhao (PhD candidate), COE
Fengqi You, COE; Johannes Lehmann, CALS

Internet of Dirt
Presenter: Jennifer Liu (PhD candidate), CIS, A&S
Steve Jackson, CIS; Phoebe Sengers, A&S

ReproPhone and e-Synch: Novel Tools to Automate and Optimize Cattle Reproductive Management
Presenter: Magdalena Masello Souza (PhD candidate), CALS
Julio Giordano, CALS; David Erickson, COE

Plant Vein Detection through Machine Learning and Computer Vision
Presenter: Hannah Thomas (PhD candidate), CALS
Advisors: Margaret Frank, CALS; Bharath Hariharan, CIS

* Posters (all awardees) will be set up for viewing in Ballroom (left of stage)

12:20-1:45 Networking and Lunch

1:45-2:30 Industry Panel – The Past, The Present, and The Future of Digital Ag Technology
Moderator: Tim Vanini, CIDA Managing DirectorPanelists
Dan Harburg, Senior Director, Systems Innovation, Indigo Ag
Ponsi Trivisvavet, Chief Executive Officer, Inari

2:30-3:15 Grower’s Panel – The Past, The Present, and The Future of Digital Ag Technology
Moderator: Tim Vanini, CIDA Managing Director
Panel: TBA

3:15-3:45 Networking and Refreshments

3:45-5:30 2nd Keynote Speaker Noah Snavely, Associate Professor, Computer Science at Cornell Tech

5:30-7:00Networking and Refreshments Statler Hotel


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