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Pakistan's First Vertical Farm Sells Leafy Greens To Local Restaurants and Markets

Pakistan’s first vertical farm grows eco-friendly, fresh greens for sale to city’s finest restaurants and markets.

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A Hydroponics Startup Growing Basil Is Developing Their Own LED Technology

In this exclusive interview, Agritecture spoke with St. Louis Indoor Produce (SLIP), a hydroponics start-up growing basil in the heart of the city. We learned about a new lighting technology they are developing that allows farmers to capture their lights’ heat and vent it in or out as climate control.

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This Paris-Based Start-Up Is Combining Gastronomy and Sustainable Agriculture

An Agritecture exclusive interview with La Plucherie, a paris-based start-up giving chefs access to fresh, local rare herbs. Utilizing a small Indoor growing unit and a “Growtruck”, a showroom of the technical know-how.

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