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Exclusive: Agritecture Interview With Manhattan's Largest Outdoor Urban Farm

In this exclusive Agritecture interview, we speak with Jonathan Sumner the farmer at Riverpark Farm. He tells us about the unique relationship between the farm and the restaurant and how they ensure the freshest ingredients are provided.

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This Paris-Based Start-Up Is Combining Gastronomy and Sustainable Agriculture

An Agritecture exclusive interview with La Plucherie, a paris-based start-up giving chefs access to fresh, local rare herbs. Utilizing a small Indoor growing unit and a “Growtruck”, a showroom of the technical know-how.

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This Hydroponic Farm Is Speeding Up NYC's Farm-To-Table Process

Hydroponic farming is becoming an increasingly popular option in cities with a high demand for fresh produce. Farm One is one such system that is providing their restaurant clientele with microgreens, herbs, and edible flowers grown right in Manhattan, Inhabitat reports. Farm One claims they can reach 90 percent of their buyers by bike within 30 minutes. That's fresh!

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