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From roof to table: How 'data nerds' are transforming Quebec's produce markets

A decade ago, Mohamed Hage and Lauren Rathmell set out to change the way Montrealers get their fresh produce. Their company, Lufa Farms, has so far opened 3 rooftop greenhouses, currently employing 200 people and offering fresh, locally grown produce directly to thousands of customers in Montreal and beyond.

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Montreal supermarket first in canada to sell produce grown on its roof

When this IGA supermarket was required to install a green roof by the St-Laurent district of Montreal, store co-owner Richard Duchemin took it as an opportunity to become the first supermarket in Canada to grow produce for sale on its rooftop. More than 30 different kinds of produce are being grown on the 25,000-square-foot roof, and all of it is certified organic.

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Startup is using heat generated from Bitcoin mining to grow food and fish

The hype surrounding cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is fuelling speculation and a potential bubble that might burst around these decentralized digital currencies. But one of the biggest issues might not be a future crash, but the very real and immediate problem of how much electricity it takes to produce new units of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Canada-based entrepreneur Bruce Hardy, is using the massive amounts of heat generated by the computers that mine Bitcoin to provide warmth for food plants growing under the same roof. 


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