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Thanks to C-LED we'll now have Italian tomatoes in winter, too

We'll soon be enjoying Italian tomatoes grown in winter--something that, until only very recently, would have been unthinkable in our latitudes. What's made it possible is the advanced technology developed by C-LED, now being supplied (for the very first time) to Fri-El GreenHouse, one of the most technologically advanced facilities in Italy located in Ostellato, in the province of Ferrara.

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Reduce Labor Costs: Automate Your Farm Today

Labor is expensive. Twenty six to 40% of total production cost is dedicated to labor in indoor farming, according to Dr. Kozai and NewBean Capital. This cost often includes paying for a combination of highly skilled work (plant science) and traditional manual labor (picking, pruning, packaging, etc). By introducing automation and robotics, farmers have the opportunity to cut costs and improve efficiency. Automation also provides the opportunity to allocate time differently, spending less time on repetitive tasks and more time on improving the industry. 

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Vertical farming is an industry with enormous potential to change the way we eat. By saving resources and producing local food, vertical farming may alleviate many of the concerns facing traditional agriculture. However, to become a thriving, sustainable industry will require funding. This means venture capitalists, angel investors, crowdfunders, and government must demonstrate enough interest to dedicate money to vertical farming ventures. Without proper funding, a future with vertical farming, and other indoor agriculture methods, will not be possible.

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