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Powered by Plants: Concept Co-Generation Plant Includes Greenhouses and Vertical Gardens

Trans Gas Energy (TGE) asked Michael Singer to work with Stephan Solzhenitsyn of TRC Environmental Corp. on the early stage planning of a new cogeneration gas fired power facility in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The plant was engineered to use natural gas to generate 1,100MW of electricity and up to 2 million pounds per hour of steam; about 10% of New York City’s peak steam and electric energy needs. Singer began his process by bringing together a team of outstanding professionals in design, planning, science and engineering. The Singer Team goal was to bring the state-of-the-art engineering design found inside the power plant to the architectural structure and exterior site. The team investigation centered on the question: can there by a close relationship between a power plant and its surrounding community and a communion between functional needs and environment, natural systems and innovative design?

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A Pavilion of Moss and Scaffolding May Be Coming to Times Square

Times Square’s concrete jungle may soon welcome a thriving pavilion of moss. As part of Design Pavilion 2018, a nine-day event that takes place in celebration of the city’s official design week NYCxDESIGN, designer Sam Biroscak has conceptualized Mossgrove, an eco-concious project that highlights the possibilities of two “under-appreciated,” but seemingly ubiquitous urban elements: scaffolding and moss. If successfully funded through Kickstarter, New Yorkers can expect to see the installation blooming to life in Times Square from May 12th to 20th, 2018.

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