Introducing Farmshelf II: Redesigned And Re-Engineered To Make It Even Easier To Grow Food On Site

Mercado Little Spain, Hudson Yards NYC

Mercado Little Spain, Hudson Yards NYC

Farmshelf, a smart indoor farming company that designs plug & play mini-farms for locations such as restaurants and hotels, has just announced the second major iteration of their original Farmshelf model.

According to the company, their latest model has been redesigned and re-engineered to make it even easier to grow food on site.

Tender Greens, Union Square NYC

Tender Greens, Union Square NYC

The first batch of new Farmshelfs will be available for commercial use in the Northeast US region in the coming weeks, and availability is limited. Those interested in purchasing one (or more) of the new units should reserve theirs today!

The cost of each unit is $7,500, plus a $105 monthly subscription fee for seed pods and fertilizer. According to the company, they are eager to partner with restaurants who want to grow their own ingredients and tell that story.

The new units come with a bunch of new features to make growing even simpler, check out some of the highlights below.

In-unit germination, including a seedpod to sprout in hidden drawer:

farm shelf 1.jpg.gif

Automatic nutrient dosing, with a built-in system that provides plants with the ideal amount of food:

Removable grow trays, for easy transfer, cleaning and harvesting:

And the units are always growing, Remotely tracked by Farmshelf OS: