Leading Hydroponics Company 'AmHydro' Celebrates 35 Years in Business


We're so proud to celebrate 35 years of hydroponic solutions! We're a family based company helping other families and communities sustainably produce healthy, clean food. Our founder Michael Christian received the Green Entrepreneur of the Year award, from the Governor of California 20 years after the birth of AmHydro.

It was exactly this type of forward thinking that our company was founded on and continues to operate with today. Jenny Harris joined the company in 2011 and soon after became owner and CEO. With the strong momentum already created, we're moving forward to even greater things. Our future looks very bright, and our goals include:

  • expanding our international reach

  • supporting our customers even better

  • creating the largest controlled environment farm in the US

So, please stay tuned for a year of celebration, great deals and next level hydroponics! 

We are committed to hydroponic solutions.

  • Largest manufacturer of rooftop farms in the world

  • 1st Nutrient Film Technique farm in the US

  • Only FDA approved food grade HDPE growing channels available in US

  • Farms on 6 continents and over 60 countries worldwide

  • Hundreds of commercial hydroponic farms across North America 

  • Hydroponic components are made in the USA

When you choose AmHydro, you get proven results with experienced experts by your side. 

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Over the past 35 years our dedicated employees have helped hundreds of people follow their dreams and become hydroponic farmers in their local communities. Turning 35 makes us proud to have been able to provide real, working solutions to our customers. People know they can count on us for good, honest service and products that really work.

We're celebrating with 35% OFF our Epic Nutrient Line!


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