AmHydro Travels to Russia and India to Discuss CEA

The AmHydro Team was busy in December and early January with two international trips to countries eager to join the controlled environment agricultural movement. As the population continues to rise and resources become more limited, hydroponic farming is gaining huge momentum around the world.       

This December in Moscow, AmHydro's Vice President Joe Swartz and CEO/President Jenny Harris both spoke on behalf of North America's contribution to the hydroponic industry. They focused on appropriate agricultural technologies for Russia, which is increasing their food production efforts through controlled environment agriculture. They highlighted the successes of farmers around the world who have embraced hydroponics and specifically, AmHydro systems to feed their local communities. The growing systems by AmHydro drew attention due to their longstanding reputation for quality crop production as well as high rate of return on investment.

About AmHydro

AmHydro of Arcata, CA, designs and manufactures hydroponic growing systems for growers around the world. Currently, with successful growers in 66 countries, AmHydro also provides high level consulting, crop solutions, and professional grower training for any size operation. AmHydro also conducts several 2-day commercial growing seminars each year in Northern CA, with the next one scheduled for Feb 21st and 22nd.

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