Illumitex unveils new NEOPAR grow lights

LED grow lighting company, Illumitex, has just introduced their new horticulture lighting solution for indoor urban farmers: NeoPAR™. Illumitex scientists and engineers worked closely together to create a light that is all at once highly efficient, ultra-thin, and able to deliver the company's latest X6 spectrum. 

NEOPAR grow light.png

The NeoPAR™ redefines the relationship between lighting science and the science of growing. The light delivers the most relevant PPF output levels, uniformly, while competing directly with HPS regarding yield, quality, value, and ROI. When combined with Illumitex's latest X6 spectrum, this fixture offers:

  • Unmatched flexibility by combining an ultra-thin profile with maximum efficiency
  • A new (NEO) way to achieve PAR, maximizing results (yield & quality)
  • Two major variations including a five-bar for vegetation and seven-bar for flowering
  • Easy installation and arrives fully assembled

Agritecture is also excited to announce that Illumitex will be a featured sponsor of the AgLanta Conference, highlighting their extensive experience with horticulture lighting and science for Smart Agriculture. They will be speaking more about lighting and energy effeciency during the Smart Resource Management topic for the event. 

AgLanta 2018, on March 27th-28th, will feature two packed days of workshops and panels covering a range of critical Smart City topics—each with a particular focus on the many roles Smart Agriculture will play in making cities more efficient, resilient, and sustainable. 

Early Bird tickets are on sale now!