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Agritecture (AGR), FarmTech Society (FTS), Vertical Farm Institute  (vfi) and Greentech RAI are partnering to organize café round table talks with panel discussions and showcase international vertical farming startups at the world's most important horticulture technology fair. This is your chance to visit Amsterdam and learn about unique approaches to transforming the food system through vertical farming.


The event will happen in Amsterdam, NL on June 11, 12, and 13.

Join us at the Vertical/Indoor Farming Pavilion café where a program of round table talks featuring representatives of the global indoor farming community will be held. All startups accepted will get to join the cafe round table talks where they can pitch and then answer moderator and audience questions about the future of vertical farming! The panels will be moderated by Agritecture’s Henry Gordon-Smith, Gus van der Feltz from the FarmTech Society and by Daniel Podmirseg from the vertical farm institute.

In Amsterdam we are going big in 2019, with the largest edition of GreenTech to date. Discover products and solutions, inspiring sessions and business opportunities that we know is going to change the way you look at horticulture.


Andrew Carter

Smallhold is the first, and only, organic farm in NYC. It's also the only mushroom farm. This farm isn't in one place—it's distributed throughout partner restaurants, grocery stores, and markets using our technology.

Electra Jarvis

Green Food Solutions is a company that sells, installs, and maintains vertical hydroponic farms and gardens using Tower Farm technology. We offer our farms and farm service to residential buildings to serve their residents, and to chefs and restaurants, to provide the freshest, tastiest, local food to their customers. We offer schools Tower Gardens for educational purposes, and invite schools to our farm to participate in our educational workshops to learn about hydroponics, food justice and sustainable growing. Based in New York City USA.


Felipe Hernandex

Hexagro Urban Farming works with large and small businesses interested in finding the best solution to bring Nature into their spaces. Taking inspiration from Nature’s strategies to reduce space while maximizing productivity, we have designed a modular system mimicking the Honeybee Hives and Tree's ramification to increase the production and access to healthy food and transform any interior space into beautiful gardens.

Kirill Zelenski

We have prioritized vertical farms for growing fast-term crops like strawberries, lettuce and herbs. The main advantage of vertical farming is the ability to use a footprint of land more productively as apposed to traditional greenhouses.

Dan Nelson

GrowOS by Grow Computer is the first of its kind operating system for any indoor agriculture farm or grow. Through our smart, IoT platform, we give you advanced monitoring, controls, data tracking and sharing right from your computer or smart phone!

Paal Elfstrum

Our approach to growing butterhead lettuce is revolutionary yet as simple as nature itself. With the installation of new, first-of-its-kind growing technology at our North Tonawanda greenhouse, we are now able to add more growing days to every week. This allows our lettuce to thrive in a controlled climate environment that enables healthful growth and optimal production. That means you are able to enjoy delicious, nutritious butterhead lettuce all year long – harvested at the peak of freshness – right here in greater Buffalo!

Sarah Sanders

By implementing real-time inventory and sales management tools at the farm level, NATIVE allows wholesale buyers to access local food as soon as it is harvested. Our platform ensures farms sell locally while maximizing their ROI, and restaurants can better access local farms and deliver on their promise of local sourcing.

Mark Korzilius

We combine the benefits of the best local farms with advances made possible by technology to grow produce you can feel good about eating. With the conviction to revolutionize the urban food supply sustainably and holistically, we developed our own indoor cultivation technology called Dryponics.

Charlie Guy

LettUs Grow™ design irrigation and control technology for indoor farms. Our patent-pending aeroponic technology delivers consistently high yields for vertical and glasshouse farms. Simple, efficient & sustainable.