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Montreal supermarket first in canada to sell produce grown on its roof

When this IGA supermarket was required to install a green roof by the St-Laurent district of Montreal, store co-owner Richard Duchemin took it as an opportunity to become the first supermarket in Canada to grow produce for sale on its rooftop. More than 30 different kinds of produce are being grown on the 25,000-square-foot roof, and all of it is certified organic.

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Paris to turn a third of its green space into urban farms

Urban farming has been flourishing in Paris, especially since the city's mayor, Anne Hidalgo, declared her intention to make Paris a greener city. The Paris government launched Parisculteurs, a project which aims to cover the city's rooftops and walls with 100 hectares (247 acres) of vegetation by 2020. One third of the green space, according to its plan, should be dedicated to urban farming.

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Why Rooftop Farming Is the Best Solution for Smart Urban Agriculture

We lose more than 50 acres of American farmland to urban development every hour. And in that same amount of time, our population grows by 240 people. Less land to grow food + more mouths to feed = big problem. But, increasingly, forward-thinking farmers are eschewing the confines of conventional agriculture and growing on what’s traditionally been considered unusable space: city rooftops.

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