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A New Way to Grow at Home: Bioreactors Try to go Mainstream

A team of molecular biologists wants you to forget about strawberries and, instead, take “cell jam” for a whirl. In the dead of winter, fresh fruit can be expensive, with soft fruits like berries coming to the United States from Central and South America—sometimes even being flown in. But what if you could grow your own fruit right at home, getting the health benefits of impossible-to-cultivate berries or out-of-season favorites without having to eat pricy imported produce or take supplements?

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Why we need to fix our homes to fix agriculture.

I founded Just Grow to start somewhere; to raise awareness about the global threat that is conventional agriculture. Our first product is part form, part function, and is powered by aquaponics. It is named Malawi, to pay homage to one of the oldest and largest freshwater lakes in the Great Rift Valley of Africa. Lakes are balanced and synchronized ecosystems; they’re a source of inspiration and philosophy for our garden. While aquaponics won’t feed the world, it’s a living example of one of the many alternatives to growing food. It’s a statement piece designed to initiate a conversation about the future of food.

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Italian Startup Hexagro Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Hexagro Urban Farming is an Italian startup based in Milan and led by an international team of engineers, designers and gastronomes. Since almost a year, Hexagro UF is committed to develop scalable, sustainable and sharing-economy based solutions to enhance the production and supply of fresh and healthy food to everyone. Its first product, the Living Farming Tree (LFT), is an automated, modular and easy-to-use indoor farming system to grow food without the need of large spaces, complex installations or fertile land.

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