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Paris to turn a third of its green space into urban farms

Urban farming has been flourishing in Paris, especially since the city's mayor, Anne Hidalgo, declared her intention to make Paris a greener city. The Paris government launched Parisculteurs, a project which aims to cover the city's rooftops and walls with 100 hectares (247 acres) of vegetation by 2020. One third of the green space, according to its plan, should be dedicated to urban farming.

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Dazzling Plans for an Eco-Friendly Holiday Resort in the Philippines

An architect has unveiled plans for a spectacular, new, eco-friendly resort in the Philippines with shell-shaped hotels and rotating apartment towers. The spiral layout of the stunning Nautilus Eco-Resort follows the Fibonacci sequence, employed by architects as a 'golden ratio' to create visually appealing designs. Over 500 guests will be able to stay at the resort at a time, and their accommodation will be entirely built from reused or recycled materials from the islands.

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