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Students Grow Over 25,000 Pounds of Produce a Year in NYC Vertical Farm

What used to be the third floor chemistry lab at DeWitt Clinton High School in The Bronx has been transformed into an indoor vertical farm to feed the school and surrounding community. The farm was formally unveiled this past Saturday at a TFFJ and Sun Club press conference.

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Karen Washington: It’s Not a Food Desert, It’s Food Apartheid

Urban farming’s “de facto godmother”, Karen Washington, has been a leader in the battle for food justice for three decades. In this interview, Karen discusses the deeply rooted issues that currently plague urban food systems, and she explains why reframing ‘food deserts’ as ‘food apartheid’ is so important to the end goal of creating equitable and lasting solutions.

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How Brooklyn Is Working Toward a Comprehensive Urban Agriculture Plan

A new piece of legislation in the City Council aims to transform the ad hoc nature of rooftop farms, schoolyard plots and community gardens into a comprehensive urban agriculture plan for the city. 

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