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A Hydroponics Startup Growing Basil Is Developing Their Own LED Technology

In this exclusive interview, Agritecture spoke with St. Louis Indoor Produce (SLIP), a hydroponics start-up growing basil in the heart of the city. We learned about a new lighting technology they are developing that allows farmers to capture their lights’ heat and vent it in or out as climate control.

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This Paris-Based Start-Up Is Combining Gastronomy and Sustainable Agriculture

An Agritecture exclusive interview with La Plucherie, a paris-based start-up giving chefs access to fresh, local rare herbs. Utilizing a small Indoor growing unit and a “Growtruck”, a showroom of the technical know-how.

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Farm.One Announces New Farm in Tribeca, with Restaurant Atera

We're proud to announce the launch of our latest farm, underneath restaurant Atera in Tribeca. The farm grows rare herbs, edible flowers and microgreens for the best restaurants in New York, including a special relationship with 2-Michelin star rated Atera

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